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360 Interactive / Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality or VR is rapidly growing in popularity among the biggest brands in the world and with its growing demand for VR content in the real estate sector. What we developed is not just VR but a suite of products that allow you to reach as many people as possible at different stages of the purchase process.

  • Interactive 360 degree project sales presentation (Desktop / Web)
  • VR presentations
  • Interactive Walkthrough (Web)
  • First person 360 degree project video

Interactive 360 degree project sales presentation

Show your property whether it is interior or exterior though our interactive solution via markup / pointers to navigate the property around. Along with this pointers and markup we can provide property information on interactive manner to display its price, size and the status whether it is sold or vacant.

This comprehensive package can be served through a variety of platforms from your Desktop, Laptop, Tablets & Smartphones, through the Internet or offline modes, depending on your business needs.

VR presentations

We provide quality Virtual Reality Solutions allowing the prospective customers to visualize and interact with the VR even without going to the site and reducing the initial expenditure and time period for a sale. Add life to your Panoramic Virtual Reality Solutions by embedding dynamic content within your VR ! Market your projects by dynamically playing videos, images, audio, integrating Google maps and floor plans in the VR. Give your audiences a more realistic feeling of the scene. Easily share information about your location, distances, facilities, dimensions and a lot more.

First person 360 degree project video

We developed and deliver high quality 360 Degree Animation Video for any kind of property both Interiors and Exteriors. While the standard animation moving around the path at the same time user can interact and see the property 360 Degree which will be an advantage of user. User will not only see what we would like to see but can change the angle the way he want. It’s a minute long tour of the property and user can even pause it and look around!

User can view this video tour through You-tube on web, Mobile, Samsung Gear VR, VR Box and Cardboard with its Interactive Functionality.