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Below are some of the frequently asked questions. If you have any questions un-answered, please feel free to call us or email. We will be glad to assist.

What is Eyellusion all about?

Eyellusion means magic – We materialize your dreams or make your dream come live. We are just a catalyst to your imagination. Eyellusion is specialized in delivering 3D Architectural Visualization renderings and Animation walkthrough DVD’s, We use our expertise in 3D technology to serve architects, Real Estate property Builders and Developers, Residential Home Builders, and Interior Designers and Advertising Agencies.

How do you guys manage doing business with your clients located offshore?

We strongly believe in making long term relationship with our associates. Communication is the essence note to success for any remote relationship. So to have an effective communication, we follow a transparent and a simple straight forward three step model where we keep our associates informed at every stage throughout the project.


What are stages throughout the project?

STEP - I (Review and proposal signoff/ finalization)

1. You send us the AutoCAD files/ sketches / details to your project.

2. Our highly experienced team of project managers includes Architects and Designers, Study the files and create an price estimation sheet which gets documented in a proposal and sends across to you for approval.

3. This whole process of proposal creation will take around 24 hours to 36 hours in total.

4. The work starts after approvals from your end.

STEP - II (Production and signoffs)

1. Once the proposal gets approved from your end then our project managers would create an excel project work flow document describing the flow of the project highlighting delivery dates and stages involved along with dates for reference and to keep you posted.

2. 50% of the estimated project value is sent to us Via Paypal or Wire Transfer into our bank account by the partner within 3 working days after signing of the project.

3. We proceed with the project as per our standard stage 01 (Modeling).

4. Approvals are taken from you at each stage by sending the low resolution renders/grey scale renders i.e Modeling, Texturing, lighting, camera placement etc.

5. A separate FTP link would be allocated to every individual project to keep you posted for everyday activity.

6. Conference calls or video conferencing would be set up between the project managers and the client for regular feedback.

7. Sign offs to be taken in written before moving to the final render (Setting up High Resolution Render).

STEP - III (Delivering to your satisfaction)

1. The project is delivered through an FTP shown over the Internet.

2. You suggest any post production changes if required.

3. Any major changes if required at this stage are billed extra.

4. We deliver the project to your satisfaction and invoice you for the same.

How do you train your staff to match up with your client's standards and expectations?

Being Architectural visualizations our core competency and Real Estate developers, architects and consulting companies our prime core market, we acknowledge the importance of understanding what our client needs at all levels. Our team working on International projects is well experienced in the respective Industry, each individual artist will have to undergo a small training program / session understanding the abbreviations / detailing / standards involved in an European Architecture like Flashing, dormer windows, mortars, fascia and corbels types etc. In Training program Artist would also taught about the contemporary, imperial designs of Architecture.

We strongly believe in first recruiting high caliber professionals, then nurture and retain them. We make sure that our team is exposed to the latest in technology by continuously upgrading their knowledge through tutorial subscriptions, workshops and seminars both, in-house and off site.

How do you ensure the confidentiality of your client's intellectual properties?

Eyellusion ensures absolute confidentiality. We maintain strict confidentiality agreements with both clients and employees, and operate within a secure environment and network. We ensure that: A- It is important for you to know that Eyellusion keeps all your information safely. B- It is also important for you to initially identify something which is highly confidential to you and the message should be conveyed across. Everyday business practices can unintentionally leak small amounts of information, such as a simple trip to the copy shop, or someone passing a computer screen. C- Highly sensitive information is treated with even more care than normal, so please identify anything that is critical.


Explain me your work process methodology?

We at Eyellusion Arts maintain a complete transparency with our clients by following a documented step by step process for every Visualization project.

Regular approvals are taken at subsequent stages to avoid any communication gaps and re-work, which helps us deliver on time, every time. Our approach to work is demonstrative of the great significance we attach to the invaluable feedback from our esteemed patrons.

Stage1: Collection of information such as AutoCAD drawings and photographs of the project, videos, Images, perspectives, reference materials, target audience, objectives and end results expected.
Stage2: Review and analysis of the information collected; study the highlights or USPs of the Projects. Evolve the right strategy and the right action plan that assures the best output.
Stage3: Develop the script / storyboard for the Walkthrough keeping in mind all the above objectives. The script will provide insight into the Layout, lighting, camera paths and all the other key components of the project.
Stage4: Develop the Camera paths, which include direction of camera, areas to be highlighted and important features.
Stage5: As per the Camera path, team develops the required layout with landscape.
Stage6: As per the collected information the team develops the model with accuracy & perfection.
Stage7: After modeling the team will apply the textures as per the requirement to give it realistic look.
Stage8: Adding appropriate lighting to enhance the look of the place and adding shadows for more realistic touch.
Stage9: 3D rendering of various shots of the 3D Walkthrough as per the storyboard.
Stage10: Professional voice over according to the approved script if needed will be recorded.
Stage11: Audio engineers will select a powerful music from the stock or compose music to match to the mood and ambience of the project.
Stage12: Integration of various camera shots with the voice, music and effects.
Stage13: Rendering of the compiled Walkthrough for review.
Stage14: Review of the First Cut. Quality checks to ensure high quality is maintained at all stages.
Stage15: Rendering of the Final compiled Walkthrough (after corrections if any) for final delivery.

Our architecturally trained project manager understands the intricacies of the design and development process, and is allocated for your project to cater to any of your design queries or inputs. With painstaking amount of detail, we provide our clients the best of the Flythrough, Walkthrough Animations and Renderings that meets his specifications precisely.


What makes you different from your competitors?

Our thought process and our methodology segregate us from our competitors. We have a team of top professionals that have good designing ability to carve your dreams. We give you a proper consultation rendering as your requirements and satisfaction to better consolidate your ideas, So we will provide the best consulting for you and guarantee your satisfaction.

You will know the answer after discussing with us your particular needs and you will religiously believe in it once you start working with us. We will fully customize a solution for you, exploring the potentials of each project, and within your budget and time programs.
- We provide high quality deliverables in a very reasonable turnaround time
- We offer competitive pricing
- Promptness and Strong Communication is the keynote to our success.
- Client satisfaction is the most significant index of our success in maintaining a high quality of services.

How much time you take for one view for color rendering?

Time to each rendering differ from project to project and its complexity / detailing. Under normal scenario, each Exterior Eye level would take anywhere between 4 to 7 days- 07 days were in case where we only have to create an Eyelevel Exterior Image where Modeling to the Buildings and Site Scene will have to be done along with texture and lighting. and 04 days for the smaller site i.e villa renderings etc.

How many different patterns you can provide?

We provide all sort of renderings ranging from 2D to 3D renderings, Floor plans to Site Plans, Conceptual to Photo realistic, Photo montage to Interactive Renderings, Interiors to Exteriors renderings. And Day Views to Night Views.


What is the Basic Cost for providing per view?

Costing would again differ with the size of project, and scope of work, Final quote would only be decided until & unless, you share some of the details like Site Plan, reference Images or Elevations etc. with us

What are your business hours?

We are available between 9 am to 7 pm, Monday to Saturday.